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Βio T-Shirt

μικρή φωτο Βio T-Shirt

The ΒioT-shirt is made by 100% mercerized cotton and magnetic fiber blend which is breathable, soft, comfortable, as well as good water absorption. Make people feel warm in winter and cool in summer. After specially mercerized finishing, the bio T-shirt has suitable elasticity, good glossy, and low shrinkage, so that the vest will not be twisted after long time wearing.
The product can be used as underwear and outwear. To get better and accurate efficacies, high efficiency bio-magnets are strategically embedded on the key points of human body such as shoulder, stomach, waist, heart, women galactophore, men abdomen, etc. With the powerful bio magnet effects produced by bio magnets plates and bio magnet fiber, it could effectively promote the blood circulation, microcirculation of shoulder and abdomen, improve metabolism, regulate the central nervous system and autonomic nervous system, relieve joint soreness and muscle stiffness.


1. Benefit for the cervical spondylosis,can release the fatigue and ease pain,many office worker who have to work in front of the computer like it very much.
2. People who is suffering from periarthritis of shoulder.
3. People with lumbar disease
4. People with gastrointestinal disease


1) Magnetic therapy is not appropriate and should be avoided in people with high fever.
2) May not be used by people with pacemakers and generally people who have artificial limbs.
3) May not be used by people with bleeding.
4) Prohibited to use in infants nad pregnant.

For cleaning the bio T-Shirt use only water and a temperature not exceeding 40degrees.
Prohibited the use of detergents or bleach.
Τιμή: 110.00€
Τιμή: 40.00€

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